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Teak Planters

Stunning floral displays are a great way to brighten up any garden or terrace, but these amazing floral displays often need equally as amazing garden planters. Forgo the inferior flat-pack planters, and opt for one of our robust and durable teak garden planters instead! Available in a wide range of stylish designs, our garden planters come in a collection of different sizes to suit any space.

Teak Garden Planters

The beautiful heartwood teak used to create each and every one of our teak garden planters is of the highest-quality and is sourced sustainably from Java. Each piece even comes with a 10-year guarantee, proving just how much we trust this wood to last!

Teak garden planters are an ideal addition to any garden, giving you the opportunities to not only brighten it up with amazing plants and flowers, but to also keep your plants safe from being stepped on. After all, what better way to keep your plants safe than in beautiful teak garden planters? All of the teak we use for our garden planters is 100% heartwood Grade A wood, which comes in a warm golden colour that will fade to elegant silver over time. Our teak also comes with the assurance that it’s built to last. With good care, your teak garden planters could last well beyond the 10-year guarantee!

Teak is well renowned for its use in outdoor furniture, and with its resistance to mould, mildew and damp, even our un-lined garden planters can be trusted. Our range covers a range of sizes and shapes, including low-level square, high-level square, and a range of rectangular planters. With garden planters starting as small as 45x45cm, even the tiniest of gardens can benefit from our bespoke kiln-dried teak planters. We have a wide range of larger sizes too, so take a look to see what would best suit your space – sizes are listed as Height x Depth x Width.

Whether you’re looking for elegant teak garden planters for your own garden to add a little character to the space, or are even looking to use them as dividers in larger public spaces, our planters can be used in a wide variety of situations. The likes of National Trust, English Heritage and many more have used our teak furniture in their spaces, so why can’t you? Browse our collection today to choose the right garden planters for your needs, and the space that you have!