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Teak Commemorative Benches

Here at Chic Teak, we craft our commemorative teak benches with the utmost care and passion for long-lasting quality. The elegant design manifests in a curved slatted back, wide horizontal curved rail to allow room for inscriptions or plaques and smooth, flat arms on sturdy end pieces for ultimate comfort. Our teak commemorative benches are built to last, so you can rest assured that, when ordering one of our benches, you’re investing in a piece of furniture that will truly withstand the test of time. Whether for public or private use, our stunning teak benches are a delightfully commemorative piece. Take a look here on our site to find your perfect match.

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1 Item(s)

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All of our teak commemorative benches are designed and crafted to be especially strong and long-lasting. We have durability in mind when creating our commemorative teak benches, and so our sturdy, heavyweight designs have thick 7cm squared legs to ensure staying power and strength. At Chic Teak, we source our teak wood from ethical, government-controlled plantations in Indonesia to ensure optimal sustainability. This responsible sourcing not only ensures that all of our wood is sourced with the environment in mind, but it also means that we get our teak straight from the source.

Each piece of teak we use for our teak commemorative benches is kiln-dried to prepare it for the British climate, so rest assured knowing that regardless of rain or shine, your bench will last against the elements. Teak wood is full to the brim with natural oils that protect the wood from mould, mildew and insect attacks, all without needing any extra treatment or care. A simple clean is all you need to wash your commemorative teak benches of dirt or debris to ensure it lasts for the entire 10-year guarantee and beyond.

If you’d like to order any of our commemorative teak benches, we also offer engraving services either on a plaque or directly onto the bench by CNC machine or by hand. Our plaques come in bronze or brass to suit your needs or style, while each of our carving services ensure a clean, accurate carve with any message of your choice. You can order your teak commemorative benches and your inscriptions through our website, so why not browse our collection today? All you have to do is add your order to the basket and check out, and we can deliver your bench to your door in just two weeks through our free standard UK mainland delivery service if your order is more than £250.

Order your benches today, or contact us if you’d like any more information or have any special requirements.