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Teak Root Sculptures

Making a statement with your garden might seem like a challenge, but with our teak root sculptures you can gain that unique talking point you crave with minimal, if any, fuss. Nature is beautiful, and what better way to decorate your outdoor space than with a show of exactly that? The teak roots we use for our sculptures are entirely unique, each one bespoke to the tree it grew from. You can use these tree roots inside or outside for something very special and entirely yours. No two teak root sculptures are the same, so why not take a look at the range we have available and claim one as your own?

5 Item(s)

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5 Item(s)

per page

When teak wood is harvested, the roots are left in the ground and at the sustainable government-controlled plantations that we source from; these roots were often taken away and destroyed to make room for fresh planting. However, upon a visit to this plantation, some of our staff had a moment of genius – we would purchase those roots and use them! This not only provides us with unique shapes to use in our teak root sculptures, but it also ensures that the expensive excavation of the roots at these plantations is funded!

These visually striking pieces inspire awe and plenty of conversation among guests at your home, or in the public if your teak root sculpture is intended for public placement. What’s more, however, is that all of our teak root sculptures are created using the same teak trees that we use for our furniture. This means that, just like our other creations, your sculptures will stand the test of time and can be comfortably left outside without the need for heavy upkeep or any extra treatments. Enjoy the natural beauty of your sculpture with just a quick wipe to remove dirt or debris where necessary!

Our teak root sculptures are available in a range of different sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large. This ensures that you have the choice of not only shape, but size too to suit any outdoor space you may have. Smaller gardens or indoor spaces might benefit from small or medium sculptures, where a larger garden or public space may benefit more from a larger piece. Whatever the case, ordering your teak root sculptures is as easy as adding one to the basket and ordering! You just need to quite the code on the display image, which you can find by clicking any of the products above!

For more information, or to request any extra requirements, please feel free to get in touch or order your sculpture through our website today!