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Conservatory Furniture

Are you bored of searching through the same rattan or wicker conservatory furniture? Here at Chic Teak, we’re happy to offer something completely different – teak. Your conservatory deserves something special, and our teak furniture can give you all the elegance, class and quality you could want. Our teak conservatory furniture is available in all kinds of designs and sizes, whether you’re looking for a seating set, a four or six seater dining collection, or even a coffee or bar table to complete the whole room.

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Items 1 to 15 of 20 total

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For conservatory furniture that you can trust, teak truly is the best material you can choose. The solid teak pieces that we sell are all made with 100% FSC Grade A heartwood teak, so you truly are getting all the quality you could hope for.

Our teak conservatory furniture doesn’t have to be limited to just that room either! Our teak pieces are perfect for dining areas, patios, and are even appropriate for use in public spaces – in fact, they’ve been used in public before! National Trust, English Heritage and more have used our furniture, so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a high-quality, long-lasting and environmentally friendly piece of conservatory furniture.

All of our teak conservatory furniture comes with a 10-year warranty, proving that we truly trust the materials that we use. Teak is a versatile, stunning wood that comes in a naturally warm, golden tone and holds up well against the elements. Kept inside, this furniture can truly last a lifetime, even when the colour may begin to fade; teak fades to a stunningly elegant silver-grey colour that is just as beautiful as its original hues.

Teak is durable, self-protected from the likes of mould and mildew, and with its visual beauty, there’s no better wood for your conservatory furniture. Our range of teak conservatory furniture truly is vast, with everything from furniture sets to dining tables with matching all-teak or woven-seated chairs. Comfort is a key aspect of our pieces, so each of our seats and benches have been designed with you in mind, all without giving up even a fraction of their timeless style.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect set for your conservatory, or you’re in need of teak conservatory furniture or garden furniture for your public or outdoor space, something in our range will suit your needs. Perfect for schools, parks, national parks, churchyards and, of course, your very own conservatory or garden, why not take a look through our collection of conservatory furniture made with the best teak on the market today?