Garden Sculpture Increases in Popularity

Some form of attractive sculpture whether it be an ornate stone bust or a decorative animal has for many years been popular in small gardens to large estates but recently there has been a sharp increase in demand.

This became very apparent at the recent Chelsea Flower show when amongst the many blooms, trees and shrubs, garden sculpture was very evident. These ranged from limited-edition bronzes to elaborate steel shapes and classic urns. The show was full of choice not only in design but material which ranged from sculptured wire, metal, rattan and concrete.

According to a fine art and heritage underwriting manager who insures artworks and listed buildings, there has been a boom in garden sculpture from the top end of the art market, though to the more common garden gnome.

What makes a good garden sculpture is now open to debate.  Anything nowadays can be molded or bent into something of interest from weird shapes to up scaled household objects. Animals have always been popular and now the gardener who wants a sculpture is spoilt for choice and can choose between hares, dogs, frogs, foxes, tortoises and even gorillas. It’s seems we are now spoilt for choice and there are many more artists practicing their work.

One of the reasons for this increase in demand is due to the fact that gardens and how they are used has changed in recent years. Now they are also seen as outside rooms and therefore people have chosen to decorate them just like their home often fuelled by the plethora of popular house makeover programmes on TV.


Here at Chic teak we offer an unusual form of sculpture made from the excavated roots of harvested teak trees. These stunning teak leaves are engraved with leaf type veins and patterns then highly polished to a beautiful sheen. They can be either kept indoors, space permitting, or planted in the garden either buried with a boarder or out in the open on a lawn.

Available in a variety of heights from 1.5 to 2.5 metres high these teak leaf sculptures make a dramatic statement in almost any garden and can improve any view. Plus since they do not require any maintenance they will look good for many years to come and will change in colour as they age.

Teak that has normally been reserved for the production of garden furniture has become popular as a sculpture material due to the way it can be resonant part of the landscape and blend into the background irrespective if it is placed in a formal or informal garden.

All our teak leaf sculptures and teak root sculptures are unique in that piece is carved from a separate tree and has their own special characteristics – it’s what makes them so special and means you can be assured you will never see the same sculpture twice.